Dr. Charles Emmrys is a licensed psychologist in New Brunswick who obtained his PhD in clinical child and family psychology from the University of Ottawa in 1993. He has had a varied career including creating and directing the ADHD program for the Moncton Mental Health Clinic in the early nineties, serving for five years as the director of the provinces Youth Treatment Program and heading up an autism treatment initiative in Amherst Nova Scotia. He has also headed up aid programs in Sierra Leone for child soldiers and worked in the area of child rights. In the last ten years, Dr. Emmrys’ private practice has continued to focus on children and families but has also offered more specialized services to two groups of clients. The first are individuals with eating disorders, a field in which Dr. Emmrys has long been intensely involved and the second group being children and adults suffering from trauma and PTSD. He has been especially involved in treating first responders. Recently, Dr. Emmrys has moved to new facilities where animal assisted therapies are available. Animal assisted therapies include therapy where dogs belonging to Dr. Emmrys assist him in therapy and therapies where the client’s own pets assist them in creating a comfort zone for the client to relax and communicate.


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