Arguing in Writing Session

Decide on an evening and an hour when issues get discussed (i.e. Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:30)

During the session:

  1. Person 1 writes down one complaint and a proposed solution.
  2. Person 2 then either accepts the solution and commits to respecting it or rejects it and proposes an alternate solution, all of this by writing.  The solution negotiations in writing continue until one is found that both can accept.
  3. Person 2 then presents his complaint and proposed solution to person 1.
  4. The process continues until there are no more complaints.
  5. One cannot present a subsequent complaint until the other person has presented theirs, i.e., the session stops when one person has no complaints left. If one person has 5 complaints and the other has two, the other person  has to come up with two or three more complaints to allow the other to get things going
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